Light Artist

Beo Beyond is a German artist who lives and works in Barcelona.

The focus of his work is luminous materials and artificial light sources. His work is very diverse and explores many mediums, including light up paintings and costumes, with an emphasis on photography. The boundary between art and design is blurred.
He is always experimenting with new equipment and materials and tries to take each project a little further to go beyond the known. This portfolio gives an overview of his work from one decade.

Paintings with LED

A new lighting technology involving UV LEDs makes it possible to integrate the lighting in the image, comparable with a thin light box, thereby making it unnecessary to install black light lamps in the room. This black light art is now available for purchase at

Black Light Art

Beo Beyond collaborated with vodka brand Absolut in a series of events. His black light art and the brand provided a unique experience for visitors. He did live painting with fluorescent colors that glow under UV light. These events took place at prestigious nightclubs in Barcelona and other cities in Spain.

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