Light Artist

Beo Beyond is a German artist who lives and works in Barcelona.

The focus of his work is luminous materials and artificial light sources. His work is very diverse and explores many mediums, including black light shows and live painting for events. The boundary between art and design is blurred.
Beo Beyond is always experimenting with new equipment and materials and tries to take each project a little further to go beyond the known. This portfolio gives an overview of his work from more than a decade.

Black light shows and live painting create unique experiences at events.

Black light shows and live painting are suiteable for corporate events or a private party, a creative spectacle that can be individually targeted to the goals of the event. The night life in particular is the perfect environment for black light shows.
Blacklight Shibari with fluorescent ropes is an unconventional live show. A modern interpretation of the traditional Shibari from Japan, the erotic art of bondage, in which the purely aesthetic form of bondage creates a temporary work of art.

Black Light Shibari

The Shibari artist Angela Nawa creates aesthetic patterns and shapes with fluorescent ropes that contrast beautifully with the human body’s natural curves, a non-verbal communication with her model. The Black Light Shibari show creates a unique atmosphere for the event. The fluorescent ropes that glow in the dark make the art of bondage become a journey through time, a science-fiction scenario. The Black Light Shibari show is accompanied by electronic music that creates a connection between the actors and the audience: a dreamlike vision.

Live Painting

Live painting with fluorescent colors is an art performance by Beo Beyond for events. Live painting is very diverse in terms of canvas sizes, painting techniques and themes. Compared to the black light shows, live painting can take much longer. That make it suitable for many events. Some examples and further information at: