Beo Beyond has been creating blacklight costumes for more than a decade.

The blacklight costumes shown here are handmade by Beo Beyond and not available any more. Light up costumes are of great interest for event agencies and performers who need an outfit for stage shows, video recordings or photo shoots.
These are professional DJs, dancers, and musicians who are looking for something special for their performances and appreciate originality. With light up costumes, you really draw the attention of the audience.

The costumes are handmade and most are one-of-a-kind, not produced in a series.

The designs do not use textiles, which is partly for hygienic reasons. They are handcrafted using PVC and other plastics, making them easy to clean. The items shown here can be worn directly on the skin or over other clothing. This allows many combinations.
The photo gallery on this page shows some blacklight costumes made from fluorescent materials. More information about glowing materials and their use in costumes at:

LED Costumes

This short video clip shows the Chilean DJ Fran Santos at the nightclub Lights of Gracia in Barcelona. He is wearing LED Arm Guards created by Beo Beyond.