Blacklight paintings are a unique, eye-catching spectacle at night, a stunning decoration for events.

The blacklight paintings shown here by Beo Beyond are mainly assignments from event agencies; the large formats in particular are decoration for corporate events and nightclubs. His freely created artistic work is shown here too with his exhibitions in art galleries. These are blacklight paintings in smaller sizes.
He has developed a different approach to his art by performing live at events. Nightlife or events with dimmed lighting conditions are the perfect environments for live painting. For details, please check out:

Beo Beyond expands traditional painting by using unconventional techniques and materials.

His work combines photography, digital image processing and painting. Additionally, it involves a special illumination with blacklight. This modern composition generates images that glow in the dark.
Great importance is given to the fact that the images are just as stunning without UV light. When placing them in private rooms, therefore, having plenty of natural light is no obstacle.

Making of Stencil Art

This short video shows the creation of stencil art that glow under blacklight. Stencils are one of the most popular techniques used in graffiti and street art worldwide.

Blacklight Paintings with LED Lighting

Currently, he is working with a new lighting technology involving UV LEDs. This technique makes it possible to integrate the lighting in the image, comparable with a thin light box.
Thereby, it is unnecessary to install blacklight lamps in the room.