Blacklight shows for events and live marketing: The Living Dolls are an unforgettable experience.

Living Dolls is a unique production with costumes by the artist Beo Beyond and is presented by the performers of Project PQ.
As an attention grabber at events and as an integral part of space installations, the Living Dolls appear as animate works of art, a magical performance in slow-motion that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.
The artists entertain in a mysterious, yet discreet way. This makes them the perfect cast to turn a gala dinner or a large buffet into an unforgettable experience.
The luminous figures are also very aesthetically pleasing in the lounge area of events, i.e. where dimmed light and a relaxed atmosphere virtually call for elaborate attractions.

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The luminous Living Dolls are able to engage with your guests or customers in a charming and non-verbal manner. With their enchanting aura, promotional gifts can be handed out in an unconventional way. The Living Dolls put these give aways with or without advertising slogan into the spotlight of attention. Take it literally: there are many promotional gifts that glow in blacklight.
We will gladly advise you in the choice of the promotional material for our blacklight shows. As a matter of course, the luminous Living Dolls can also artfully present larger products and be used for promotional events, turning them into an attractive overall experience for your audience. Blacklight shows are flexible and are suitable for many occasions.
The night life in particular is the perfect environment for the luminous Living Dolls to present your product to an outgoing and young audience in an unconventional manner. Our blacklight shows will create a lasting memory.
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The luminous Living Dolls draw attention and delight the audience. Here is the trailer of the show.

Blacklight shows are an eye-catching spectacle for events and product presentations.

live show for events


Petra Quednau

Show Management


ZONE OF PERFORMANCE: At least 80" x 80" (2.0 m x 2.0 m) for 1 actor and at least 120" x 120" (3.0 m x 3.0 m) for 2 or 3 actors when placed in the middle of the room. For performances at the side instead of the middle of the room, the zone should be at least 50% larger. These specifications are absolute minimum measurements and also apply to platforms.

The Living Dolls act at ground level, especially when contact and interaction with the audience is desired. It is, however, also possible to work with platforms or stages to accentuate the performance. The platforms or stage elements will then have to be provided by the organizer of the event. For larger rooms and premises, the figures can also act in two separate zones of performance. It is very effective to position the blacklight shows in the middle of the room.

CEILING HEIGHT: At least 100" (2.5 m). Platforms can only be used when the ceiling height above the platform is at least 100" (2.5 m).


DURATION OF THE PERFORMANCE: approx. 30 min; Event marketing upon agreement.


Blacklight shows will have their best effect under appropriate lighting conditions. The less light there is in the room, the better the effect of the performance. Thus, daylight events or brightly lit exhibition halls are unsuitable locations. Evening events with dimmed lighting conditions or darkened rooms offer ideal conditions.

We will provide the necessary illumination with blacklight. Hereby, a flexible and elegant system with stands is being used, which can be adapted to the particular spatial situation. Beo Beyond developed the lighting system for the show. The only requirement is a normal 230V power supply at the site of the performance (no power generator).


Petra Quednau has worked for more than 10 years managing spectacular fire- and blacklight shows under the name Project PQ. Her team consists of professional dancers and performers with several years of stage experience. As a result, she is able to guarantee a perfect show that is individually targeted to the goals of the event. Her customer references are evidence of her success in the event industry:

  • Allianz
  • Unilever
  • Hermès
  • Bridgestone
  • Aura
  • Merck
  • Bosch
  • Wella
  • Skoda

Petra Quednau created the choreography of the Living Dolls and is managing the blacklight shows worldwide.