Light Art: A short biography of the artist Beo Beyond.

The focus of his work is luminous materials and artificial light sources. The boundary between art and design is blurred.
He was born in Bochum, Germany in 1975.
He left Germany in 1999 and now lives in Barcelona.

 •  2015

Beo Beyond participated in a group exhibition of black light paintings at the Satura Art Gallery in Genoa, curated by the Foundation Mario Agrifoglio.
11 artists from 8 countries showed their work with fluorescent colors. More information about the show is available at the official website.

 •  2014

Beo Beyond created mural paintings for the brand Konica Minolta. These paintings were shown at the Gartner Symposium ITexpo 2014 in Barcelona.
Thanks to the agency, Reccon, Germany.

He collaborated with vodka brand Absolut in a series of events where he did live painting with fluorescent colors and black light. More information under: Live Painting

 •  2012  •  2013

Photography is once again the focus of his work. Beo experimented with LEDs and long exposure times in a technique that is known as light painting, but has so far been rarely used for studio photography.

  Creative Assistant: Stacy Viard

 •  2011

The performers of Project PQ presented a unique production: The luminous Living Dolls with costumes by the artist Beo Beyond. More information under: Shows.

There was a retrospective exhibition with his blacklight paintings at MardeCava, in Barcelona.

 •  2010

This year he had a creative comeback with new techniques in painting and costume design.

Immediately, this light art was shown in a solo exhibition at the gallery, Il Bracolo, in Rome, Italy.

  Photo: Ettore Polizzi

 •  2005 to 2009

Paradigm shift: It was always an important part of his life to travel and experience other countries and cultures. In 2005, he left Barcelona after five years of constantly living there and converted to a global nomad, enjoying the freedom to leave with a one-way ticket and come back years later.
He visited different continents and countless cities. He spent several years in the Caribbean and South America.
The participation in the construction of the Bahia Lodge is probably his most important project of this time, located on the Caribbean Sea of Colombia.

 •  2003 to 2005

First costumes: Innovative ideas and new concepts came together in the form of costumes. The act of creation was very time-consuming. He placed emphasis on the details of the exclusive items and their matching accessories.

They were handmade and unique one-offs, not produced in series. Until now, the costumes have been used for his art performances and photography work, as well as for video recordings.

  Model: Mercydeez

 •  2002 •  2003

In 2003 Beo participated in the art festival BAC! IV in Barcelona.

He started to create unique performances in collaboration with different actors.
These performances took place at the openings of his exhibitions and at art festivals, as well as private events.

With this new inspiration, he began to work more intensely with photo models and body painting.

 •  2000

At the end of the millennium, he left Germany, and Spanish would be the dominant language of the following years.
His new base was a studio and living quarters in the historic center of Barcelona.

For the following five years, Barcelona was the place to be. He created his most comprehensive artistic works and appeared in several exhibitions. His studio provided enough space for larger installations and paintings with fluorescent materials and black light.

 •  1999

First light artworks:
Beo expanded traditional painting by using unconventional techniques and materials. His work combined photography, digital image processing and painting.

He used transparent image mediums such as acrylic glass, fluorescent paint and illumination with UV light. His studio was much like a research laboratory.

 •  1996 to 1998

Video and electronic media: He worked as a film assistant and cutter at the Bundeskunsthalle (art and exhibition hall of Germany) and at different agencies for media and film productions.
During this period, Beo created much of his own video-based art. In addition, he did installations and performances with video projections in and around Cologne and started various projects on the Internet.
Beo developed an early interest in photography and painting. He started to create prints in his own black & white lab: abstract photographs, light paintings, experiments with X-ray prints and with chemical processes on photographic paper.
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