Beo Beyond´s light painting portraits outstand the flood of images from everyday media and advertising.

He creates dynamic compositions with high contrast and color saturation, based on his fascination with light and his experiments with artificial light sources of all kinds.
The images shown here are his freely created artistic work, produced in his studio with Creative Assistant Stacy Viard. In the commercial realm, he has lent his talents to several projects.

Light Painting Portraits: About the Technique

These photographs were taken with long exposure and moving light sources in a completely darkened studio. It is a photographic technique known as light painting, which has so far rarely been used in close-ups. Beo Beyond constructed its own lighting systems based on LED technology for these light painting shots.
He also works with fluorescent paints and plastics, which glow under UV light. A photographic technique which is also called blacklight photography. Fluorescent materials produce very little light. Therefore, the motives must be motionless and photographed with a tripod. This is a technical challenge when working with models. These blacklight photographs are shown under Costumes and Shows.
A brief overview of luminous materials used for costumes and photography work can be found together with links to manufacturers or distributors of these materials under: