Live Painting

Live painting is a fascinating form of performance art.

At events the guests like to watch the paintings take shape and enjoy the creative atmosphere. In general, live painting is more of a slow process that can take several hours.
Live painting is a work-in-progress, a performance in which creation, not the finished painting, is the real subject. At events it looks like a transforming decoration, a fascinating eye-catcher.

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Live painting shows are flexible and are suitable for many occasions. For example, Beo Beyond collaborated with vodka brand Absolut in a series of events where both the art and the brand provided a unique experience for visitors.
He did live painting with fluorescent colors that glow under blacklight. These events have taken place at prestigious nightclubs in Barcelona and other cities in Spain.
Nightlife, in particular, is the perfect environment to present your brand or product to an outgoing and young audience in an unconventional manner. A live painting show will create a lasting memory.

Live Painting  •  Video

This video shows a short live painting performance by Beo Beyond, suitable for events with a short time frame. It could also be called a form of action painting with fluorescent colors. This performance is flexible in size and can be realized both on the wall and horizontally on the floor. As a result, it can be adapted to the particular spatial situation. The video on the homepage shows what it looks like on the floor.